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Getting hitched…!


They say that planning a wedding is a big thing…lots of time, headaches, worry and dollars spent.

Having 12 months to planning our wedding was plenty of time and I felt none of this pressure I had heard so much about. Although people did try; “Have you got your dress yet?” they would ask, and when I replied that I hadn’t they would remark “Gosh, you don’t have much time!” There were many of these comments and I made a point of brushing them off and doing things in my own time.

With my dad passing away tragically and unexpectedly just the month before my wedding; we were keen to make our wedding upbeat and fun but also have elements of the day reflecting our much missed loved ones.

I love getting my ‘craft’ on and had a ball designing and creating everything myself. I spent time on Pinterest (way too much time, mind you), Instagram and searching the internet for inspiration. I thoroughly enjoyed getting creative and spending afternoons gluing, cutting and perfecting different things…possibly all apart from the invitations. The invitations would have to be something I am most proud of…but they took a bloody long time to cut out! Well worth it though in my book. 🙂

Our day went off without a hitch with the sun shining, everything running to plan and all guests turning up! So many friends told us to take the time to talk, kiss, be alone and enjoy our wedding day…and that’s exactly what we did! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day with more perfect people.

IMG_6480 IMG_9210 IMG_9213 IMG_9216 IMG_9202 IMG_9225 IMG_9233 IMG_9185 IMG_9194 IMG_9155 box bouquet scrabble shoes looking down wall dress bridesmaids kiss vineyard hands