Monthly Archives: November 2014

Post-holiday CBFs


During the time I was travelling around some of the most beautiful and intriguing countries in our wide, wide world; I had all these visions as to what I would do with the copious amounts of photos I took, the piles of pamphlets I kept and the purse-full of tickets I preserved. In my visions I saw scrapbooks meticulously set out with musings about my travels accompanied by funny little quotes and their accompanying pictures laid out beside it. In my visions I saw ‘slide’ nights where I would have friends over and an amazing set of photos playing in movie form with carefully matched music. In my visions I saw me editing my photos and selecting the most artistic and memorable ones to carefully place in frames around the house.

Well let me tell you something…my visions came crashing down like a visual tonne of bricks. HA! I naively didn’t realise how tired and busy I would be after returning home from a ridiculously long set of flights home…getting straight back into work with two concerts that week…getting hit with the reality that my wedding didn’t plan itself while I was away…and the ‘necessities’ of everyday life like waxing and hairdresser appointments. First world problems I know.

Life just gets way too busy I have decided…and unless I make a concerted effort to get my holidays into some sort of order I am afraid of those memories slipping into some distant memory that almost feels as though I could have dreamt it all.

In the meantime I will aim to try and jot down some memories on here and attach some meaningful photos…perhaps it may transport me back if I’m lucky enough! 🙂