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I don’t know how they do it…and London!


Well we have arrived! After 24 hours of flights I am in London and surprisingly not jet lagged! (is jet lag actually a real┬áthing or is it something people seem to make up…I have always wondered this).
I must say it was a great flight; very quiet, beautiful food, lots of movies and no upset kids…but I don’t know how people do this flight regularly. I was up and down like I had ants in my pants; I couldn’t sit still, and what felt like 14 hours of flying time was in fact just 2. The kids on the plane were just amazing…they were content with sleeping and watching movies and barely moved…I should take a leaf out of their book!

My first impressions of London are that it is just beautiful! The buildings are amazing and I felt myself being a bit disappointed with all the newer building disrupting the old ornate ones.
The weather is also quite lovely! Sun in the sky and a gentle breeze has made walking around this city comfortable.
We have been busy yesterday touring the city on a bus which was a great way to see what we are interested in going back to see today (we are only in London for 3 days all up so we have to be selective)! We did a tour of Buckingham palace, wow what a beautiful place…lots of things I didn’t know! We also took a ride on the London Eye which was lovely to see the beautiful buildings from a birds eye view.

10 things I have found so far…
1. I love the taxis! The little black ones remind me of Mr Bean. We rode in one yesterday and they were so cute and unique!
2. The phone boxes are gorgeous, we will aim for a photo with them today.
3. Rubbish bags lying in the street. At first I thought this was kinda lazy, but then realised the truck picks them up in the evenings. We don’t have anything like this in Australia so it was quite interesting!
4. The speed at which cars and buses change lanes and jut out in front of others…I was a little scared at first but it just kinda works!
5. There is a store called ‘Pret a Manger’ on almost every other block…we haven’t been in there yet but I can’t believe how many I have seen!
6. The amount of different accents in this city, I thought Australia was multicultural but London even more so! It is nice to see.
7. The street signs…at first we thought none of the streets had signs and we were struggling to find out where we were going, but then realised they were on the fences or buildings, kinda cool!
8. The road has painted which way you have to look for traffic, I like this!
9. Hyde Park we thought was so disappointing (hang on, stay with me), we walked trough it on the way to Buckingham Palace and the grass was long, overgrown bushes and not much to look at. But as we went around on the bus we realised how big it was and that most of it had beautifully manicured lawns. There were wooden lounge chairs with people soaking up the sun, horses riding through the park and others enjoying games of chess.
10. The little squirrels, I have never seen these and they were just so cute! We saw lots of them whilst walking through Hyde Park.