Parent vs Teacher


Parents often say to me they don’t know how I do it. How do I deal with twenty-something students all day and not be considered clinically insane?

Well let me tell you something parents…I don’t know how you do it!

Simon’s sister has asked me a few times to look after her three girls during school holidays and I always jump at the chance as they are such beautiful, endearing and fun girls to be around. But gosh is it hard work! The girls normally save all of their art and craft projects for me…today consisted of making perfume, slime, handbags, hair clips, necklaces, painting pictures and painting toe-nails. I love art and craft and creating things is something I love…but kids are so quick to tire of one thing and then move onto the next…if there is a slight bit of down time in between then you can guarantee there will be some ‘I’m bored’, or bickering or some sisterly fights.

This Thursday is another day or arts and crafts…bring on next week where we are off to the movies and a trip to Sovereign Hill! Wish me luck!

Hats off to all you parents!




About rachtav

Hmmm...this is a tricky one! I tend to function a lot better in life when the focus is away from me...which is why I find this so difficult to write! I am a 30-something full-time teacher with a dog named Basil. Perhaps if I document some of the things I love, dislike and everything in between first. Maltese dog Basil, my fiancé Simon, wasting ridiculous amounts of time browsing the internet, teaching, laughing, cleaning (call me crazy I know), craft things, photography, fiddling with things to make them perfect…I am a little OCD, ASD and also have moments of ADD! (although Simon loves it so we're a match made in heaven), watching copious amounts of TV, how forgetful I am, the anxiety I harbour for almost everything! One day I would love a pocket of land to live on where my dog and a teacup piglet will be the best of friends and frolic amongst the garden beds. Haha, well one can dream!

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